If you are shopping for a technology-focused luxury SUV, then Steet Ponte Lincoln’s team recommends looking into the Lincoln Aviator and all that it has to offer. One interesting technology feature that you will find in the Lincoln Aviator is Auto Air Refresh. It is highly capable when it comes to both monitoring and filtering air. This feature works hard to expel stale air and prevent outside odors from staying in your vehicle’s cabin.

If entertainment is a central component of your Yorkville commute, then you will certainly appreciate the Revel Ultima 3D Audio System. This includes 28 powerful speakers that have been expertly placed throughout the Lincoln Aviator’s cabin.

Additional technology features that contribute to the experience of driving a Lincoln Aviator include Adaptive Pixel LED Headlamps, Speed Sign Recognition, Adaptive Suspension, Phone As A Key, Reverse Brake Assist and many more.


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