One of the things that you'll usually have to deal with if your pets ride in the car is their hair that's left behind. An easy way to remove excess hair is by taking it to Steet Ponte Lincoln for a thorough detail service. A handheld vacuum is an option to consider as well.

While wearing a rubber glove, you can swipe your hand over the seats and other surfaces to remove excess hair. You can also use a damp sponge as the texture can usually attach to the hairs. Another item that you probably have at home that can be used is a Velcro curler. These are beneficial for getting between the seats and crevices if your pet happens to roam in the car while traveling in Yorkville.

Duct tape can be wrapped on your hand with the sticky side out. Rub your hand over surfaces in your car so that the hair sticks to the tape. You might have to change the tape throughout the process so that you can continue removing hair.



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